Saturday, January 13, 2007

Clarion reveals The New Bluetooth Mobile Audio

Clarion show off their new generation of Bluetooth mobile audio at CES, this new in-car stereo with "no moving parts" which means that you won't find any HDD in there. This new mobile audio DIN-FB275BT accept music from it's SD slot that located behind the folding control panel that enables music playback. Other than SD slot, Clarion also added built-in Bluetooth with streaming audio capability.

Features FM tuner, good quality of LCD, 50W*4 built-in amplifiers, rear auxiliary input, 2-channel RCA output and z-enhancer. Clarion prioritize their design on HMI(Human Machine Interface) that minimize the used of buttons while maximize the functions.

If you ready to put this baby in your favorite car, you can pick this FB275BT sometime this year around US$249.99

Via: Techon