Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone copy LG KE850, You decide it!!

As you can see from the image, both are exactly the same design phone however LG KE850 is the one that come out before iPhone an has already win International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007.

iPhone and LG KE850 dialing screen

Both share the same dial up screen as well. Will LG sue iPhone for the design issue?

Link: Engadget


Auzy said...

Zomg. The similarities are amazing... Except for the fact that every smart phone is pretty similar design.

But the LG doesn't have an accellerometer, Safari equivilent, dashboard equivilent, etc that makes it as good as the apple one, and probably has no wifi either.

And the LG doesn't have multitouch, and probably a bit more static.

Albert said...

Well you can't say that iPhone is a smart phone. I found some interesting article that the author write about iPhone. If you read all the features of iPhone, you can 100% say that iPhone is just another new Pocket PC Phone.

Well, as the difference between iPhone and LG is probably on the features where iPhone won it. However, we can't forget the fact that LG KE850 come out first before iPhone. So probably iPhone gets the idea from LG and modify it into what it's call now "iPhone, the reinvent phone"