Friday, January 5, 2007

LaCie's Debut in CES 2007

Today, LaCie has announced their new products that will be display at CES 2007. Probably the most catching products that you will realize is the new external Blu-Ray burner, compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system. This product is estimated around US$1150. LaCie also come out with their owning 500GB LaCie Quadra Hard Drive(available at US$299)

Not only in hard drive products that LaCie is good at. LaCie also announced their new and first bus-powered FireWire Speakers(available at US$79).The LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini and Ethernet Big Disk network storage solutions, available in a range of sizes from 250GB to 1TB for between $199 and $499, and the LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID, that give you up to 2TB of storage for $1299.

Link: MacMinute