Sunday, January 14, 2007

LG World First Blu-ray/HD DVD Dual-Format Player Will Not Be Sold

LG BH100
Bad News to all of you that expect LG BH100(LG World First Blu-ray/HD DVD Dual-Format Player)this year. LG has announced that their BH100 hybrid Blu-ray and HD DVD player can't get into the market because it will not receive certification from DVD Forum. The problems is on the lack of supporting HDI, LG has only included the support of BD-J on their BH100. Without supporting HDI, only the video content from HD DVD discs will play back and all other features, menus will fail to perform.

According to Microsoft's representative for the HD DVD groups, Kevin Collins on the press today announced that "LG will not be able to sell the product and claim it supports the format if it leaves out HDi. Collins said LG provided no advance notice before announcing the BH100 player at CES, and noted he was surprised by the move."

Big lost for LG that has announced that BH100 will be available on Q1 this year around US$1,199. In my opinion we as customer will also upset if LG said that the player support HDI however it doesn't support HDI. So LG fix it and sell the right things.

Via: Beta News