Friday, January 19, 2007

Neo N7: The 3d Rendering GPS Navigation System

As GPS has become widely used in many countries to guide them around unfamiliar areas and also a lot of GPS company introduced their GPS system like the new GPS with XM Radio and Satellite Weather that was introduced at CES. Today IOPS reveals the new 3d rendering GPS navigation system code name Neo N7. Neo N7 comes in a cool aluminum case and only 19.8mm thick.

Features a 7-inch TFT color display with 800*480 pixels, integrated speakers and you can also hear music or watch video from your SD/MMC card. Now you should wonder what makes this GPS system so powerful that it can render a 3D building and roads in just a split second. This is the answer, Neo N7 was powered by SiRFStar III GPS chipset and dual core CPU which also means Neo N7 will not be as cheap as other GPS navigation system out there. No information about the price or release date from IOPS.