Thursday, January 4, 2007

ROMI, The House Robot

ROMI the House Robot
ROMI, the house robot which was developed by ETRI in Korea will be presented at CES 2007. This robot seems to be able to do cleaning job, it has a built in voice active command system and it can transmit video via Wireless/CDMA connection. This is sure a big step to achieve a future with Robot world. Imagine, when you are busy at work all day and no one to clean your house. ROMI will do it for you, just with a voice command she will clean all your rooms. Monitor your house, if something happens; she will send you a video to keep track of your house.

I am still wondering, when will robots like IROBOT will be produced? Probably around 50 years later or 100 years later. This is probably the best cool robot gadgets out there. Any idea, split it out here!