Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So are you ready for Virgin Atlantic high tech plane?

So are you ready to enjoy your flight while bathing in all the new tech equipment, comfortable leather seat, multiple player games available so you can play games with your mates on plane, 110 volt jack, a cool 9-inch monitor embedded in all seats with all the services you need from food, 3000 music tracks, linux games, latest new movies. Imagine, that all features are just for business class passenger. This is truly the geek airplane. Fell the power of the networking and entertainment features from Virgin. Maybe they should make an ads that say "We make you feel "virgin" on our plane". Ok, cut it out let's us talk about what first class passenger get?

Now here's the deal, first class passenger will get the most comfortable puffy and luxirious massage seat, all the features like all the business class passenger got plus nice hot babes to serve you drinks whenever you want. From all the deals i still think first class is the best, as in business class you don't have hot babes to serve you drinks. The entire plane is networked via Ethernet and powered by three servers located on the plane.

Watch the video grabbed from youtube below:

So, deal or no deal?