Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Toshiba Matsushita reveals new LCD panel for e-dictionary and e-books

LCD panel
Toshiba Matsushita a joint venture from Toshiba and Matsushita has started a mass production of the new LCD panel for use in e-dictionary and e-books. This panel features a 5.01-inch with 640*480 resolution also sports a 12:1 contrast ratio, 20ms response time and 16 levels of gray. The display mode of this panel is monochrome reflective display.

Bad news is that Toshiba Matsushita hasn't released any information about the price or the availabilty. This tech gadgets sure comes in handy for people who had lots of books or dictionary and no space to keep them. This panel is the solution for you. So be patient and wait for the release date.

Via: MobileRead