Sunday, January 7, 2007

Windows Vista "Ultimate Extras" Reveals

Windows Vista
Today, at CES Bill Gates reveals two features that will be a part of "Ultimate Extras" for Windows Vista. This "Ultimate Extras" thingy was designed to attract potential buyers, but as the features been reveals. In my own opinion, this won't attract anyone. Well, i will get right to the point of what has been reveal.

The first features is called "DreamScene", as Unix-based operating system has introduced this kind of features. I guess this features won't budge Unix user. This features allowed you to be able to play a video on your desktop.

The second features is called "Windows Media Center SportsLounge", that allows users to view IPTV feed of sports related media directly to your Vista Ultimate desktops. This features was available thanks to the partnership with Fox Sports.

Well, let's do a pool whether you want to buy this features or not?

Link: Engadget