Friday, February 9, 2007

Apple TV rumors to be unavailable till March 2007

Yap, It's Apple and they like to pull off lots of dramas. Like the one about "Apple will pull off their new items tomorrow" yet no news about it. Likewise, Apple has a habit of delaying announcement at the last minute and any number of conditions could cause a postponement. ThinkSecret report that Apple TV will be available in the market on the beginning of March. But don't ever believe the words from Apple coz maybe for the next 2 weeks , you will probably hear the delay of their products soon. Apple easily get high and quickly announced their product and release date without even 100% sure that it is available when the release date is coming. Apple should learn more time planning from Bill Gates. No offence for Apple fans, peace out.

Via: Gizmodo


gian said...

Your joking about learning time managment from gates right wasn't vista announced to come out in 2004.