Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ducky, The Hi-Tech Healing Partner Dog

Tired of having a dog as a pet that keep making you busy all the day, clean its poops, buy big and heavy pet food, wasting lots of money for some medical shots and also making its birth certificate. I am not sure how other country rules about having a pet, but if you going to have a pet in Australia there are lots of things that you have to do before you can have a pet. Now here’s the solution for all of you, Takara Tomy(Japan Toymaker company) just launched their new products or I can say hi-tech robot dog code name Ducky the Healing Partner. This dog has lots of cool features that can blow his master mind off and heal his master when he/she has a bad day at work, break up with their partners or even in good moment. Watch and read more information about Ducky after the break below.


Ducky has six internal sensors that located in different parts of its body, Ducky can respond when being touched, carried or even talked with the owner with expressive or even cute eye movements. Ducky can also learn up to 650 words in Japanese after starting with mere barking. You can teach Ducky from an immature dog to a full maturity dog where it can unleash all it’s cool hi-tech features including greeting you everyday, ask about your day, wish you a happy birthday and also sing duets with you in the karaoke. You can even program it to follow your sleep schedule, wake you up when you have to go to work or even meeting. No words about the price and its availability, but if they are going to ship it overseas. I will exchange my real dogs for this one.