Monday, February 5, 2007

The Mount Everest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Rescuer

If you are a pro climber and want to challenge the highest mountain in the world (Mount Everest that was 29,035 feet tall or around 8850), you don’t have to worry anymore. Now founders of a helicopter manufacturer in New Zealand have launched their new project that aimed to establish a self funding aviation medivac and rescue system for the high altitude regions in Nepal. Everest Rescue Trust has a challenge in their mind with the new innovation, design and technology to challenge the science of aviation at extreme altitude and conquer new frontiers on Mt Everest and in Nepal. This UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) code name Alpine Wasp designed by TGR Helicopter will serve all the mountaineers and also any other high altitude medical emergency in Nepal. They also except that with this project they will achieve a lot of useful things such as attract more visitors to Nepal where it will create more job opportunities and also to maximize the potential for pushing the boundaries of long range, high altitude and sea level rescue.


Generally, normal helicopters can’t operate above 14,000 feet but with Alpine Wasp that powered by DeltaHawk Diesel Engines is able to operate above 30,000 feet. Alpine Wasp will also power by cameras and other cutting-edge technology innovations that was needed in order to rescue people that have difficulty in climbing mountains. An unmanned helicopter is a lot better than a manned helicopter where in manned helicopter, pilot’s life is at risk and there will be more risk example: lack of oxygen, die of the weather, etc. TGR Helicopter will design and organize an Alpine rescue base at Namche Bazar where all the rescue system will operate from there.


Via: RobotGossip