Saturday, January 6, 2007

Apple Reveals Their New Lineup Product

Today, Apple has yet released their new products that will be display on Macworld Conference and Expo next week. I will list 5 upcoming products for next week:

A. AirDock
A silver ipod dock that let's you charge your ipod and connect your iPod to a stereo or TV

B. Reflect Cases
It's a case for both iPod nano and iPod. Reflect cases for iPod are durable polycarbonate shells that present a seamless, mirrored-chrome reflective face to the world -- until you wake up your iPod, and the bright, clear iPod screen shows through the chrome as if by magic.

C. Tempo for iPod Shuffle
It's a new armband for second generation iPod Shuffle, featuring a built-in cord warp.

D. iClear Custom
An invisible protector for your iPod, this product will protect your iPod from your daily sport or other activities.

Link: iLounge