Saturday, January 6, 2007

The World First Wireless Speaker

Wireless has enter our era when we didn't noticed it. However now, the world first product that haven't enter the wireless world is deng deng deng SPEAKER. There wasn't any news about wireless speaker since wireless was introduced to world wide, however now a French high end acoustic guru Elipson and Bluetooth specialist Parrot joined forces and created what they claim the first Wireless Speaker.

The Speaker code name "Elipson Planet" was equip with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless module with EDR which enable each speaker to detect other speaker's presence. Elipson Planet also features a two way 60W bass reflect sound image per channel and integrated Class D digital amplifier. A seven band equaliser, frequency range of 40 to 20,000Hz, MP3 decoder up to 192kbps and SBC decoder up to 320kbps. But, this cool gadgets is not just merely a wireless speaker. This speaker was equipped with both digital and analog lines that enable it to receive and broadcast from devices like PC,mp3 players and cell phone.

This Wireless Speaker was estimated around US$1300, if you can buy it; Send it to me please XD

Link: TrustedReview