Friday, January 26, 2007


How surprising is this, six students at University of Aalborg in Copenhagen developed Bomberman Evolved as their project for their medialogy course but this is the one that attracts everyone attention. Developed by using C++, SDL and OpenGL. The tracking of the movement is based on a webcam imaging a mirrored sphere. The evolved bomberman throws out all the need of joystick and gamepad. How this works? The system works by using the mirrored sphere on the ceiling above the players, relaying their position in real time to the game to control their own character. They announced that this project still not quite perfect yet,which features the important dropping bomb action using wireless mouse but the six students also added that they will keep developing it. The down side is that only 2 players are able to play at the same time, which means no Wii fighting for you. Walk on the tile to start your Bomberman Evolution. Check the video after the break!

Via: Independent Gaming