Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Get Ready for Flying Cars on year 2010

When population on earth getting bigger and bigger every year, even people can’t afford car anymore because there will soon be no place on the earth that you can place your car and you know what’s the solution? In order to solve this problem in the future Rafi Yoeli, the founder of Urban Aeronautics created a flying car code name X-Hawk and he claimed that this car will be in the market on 2010. Rafi Yoeli also said that this project has been started for years already, but recently he managed to get a rudimentary prototype to fly a few feet off the ground and had find interest from Textorn’s Bell Helicopter for partnership. Watch the picture after the break.


The main things that enable X-Hawk to fly off the ground is a special fan that enable the car to achieve the speed and maneuverability of a helicopter – 155 mph, 12000-foot altitude, two hours of flight time and vertical take off and landing. Although X-Hawk still not perfectly unique, but Rafi Yoeli said that they will begin to improve it till the next release date. However in order to drive this car, you still need to obtain complicated license and around 1.5 million dollars to buy this car gadget.