Tuesday, January 23, 2007

LG present Xnote C1,10.6--inch HSDPA+WiMax tablet notebook

LG announced their new tablet notebook today code name Xnote C1, although the design of the notebook is awful but all the features of this tablet notebook make it up. Features a 10.6-inch Wide LCD Touchscreen with WXGA display, runs on Intel Dual Core ULV, sports a cool nVidia GeForce 7300 Go. With just these features, Xnote C1 already caught all the customer attention. Not to mention other features.

Xnote C1 also features Bluetooth, HSDPA, 80GB - 1.8inch PATA HDD, 1GB DDRII RAM and the most important features that make this tablet notebook stand out is WiMax(the next generation wireless technology that support peak data speeds around 20 megabits per second). So it's HSDPA + WiMax tablet Notebook. LG still haven't decide on how much they will charge you for Xnote C1.

Via: Aving