Friday, January 12, 2007

Meizu Music Card, yet another Apple fans?

Nowadays many rumors, news and sue cases going on tech worlds. Lexpro copies Apple, Apple used Cisco "iPhone" name, Apple sue Lexpro, now Meizu copy Apple's iPod design. Well, you can except another sue by Apple.

Meizu featuring shiny metal black or white design along with glossy plastic metal front. When you saw the pic, you can make sure that it's Apple iPod Nano. Yet, Meizu just mixes the scroll strip and the little button left. With a 6.9mm thick and 39mm wide, Meizu music card clearly resemble Apple iPod Nano. No information about the features or price yet from Meizu. They probably learn from Apple, take a step further when "Apple is busy" just like what Apple did to Cisco.

Via: Meize