Friday, January 12, 2007

Post Top 5 reasons why iPhone Sucks

You know it guys, since Apple launched their Apple iPhone many rumors has been flying around. Some people said that iPhone rock my socks, some people said that iPhone was just like a tablet Pc, some people even said that iPhone is my dream phone. Now how about you?

Let me split out 5 reasons why iPhone sucks:
1. A 2 megapixel camera - Come on, i mean even the new Nokia N95 features 5 megapixel camera.

2. Battery Life - What? just a 5 hours talking time?

3. No expansion slot - Apple says choose it or leave it? You want 4Gb or 8GB? You can't upgrade your iPhone dude!! I am busy with Cisco and Lexpro sue case so don't bother me.

4. No 3G - This one, in my opinion is the worst thing that iPhone doesn't have. "iPhone features Wi-Fi or EDGE", no 3G for you iPhone.

5. Non Removable Battery - Yeah, old tradition never change. When they design iPhone, they meant it to be perfect so no worries about the phone freezes or the startup fails.

What's yours? Post your comments and your opinion here? Positive or Negative comments are welcome.

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bullets said...

my top 1 reason: i cannot put it into my pocket because of that larger screen, it will be seriously harmed
my top2 reason: the highest cost of the memory:
4 GB - 500$
8 GB - 600$


Anonymous said...

1. It's an iPod phone, not a digital camera.

2. I agree with this fault.

3. If memory is a problem, get them to make a 80GB version then.

4. US: Establish a proper 3G network first.

5. It would be handy to have a removable battery.

Final Words: These are lame excuses why you don't like the iPhone. I am an Apple customer since the beginning. Here's my top 5 reason why the iPhone sucks, but I still buy it.

1. Battery Life sucks (5 hours)
2. Cannot install your own software
3. Expensive (4GB-$499US, 8GB-$599US w/ 2 yr contract from Cingular)
4. Very limited at launch (US only, from Cingular only, software)
5. Locked to Apple DRM content

Albert said...

Agree with your reason as well!! There are heaps of negative reasons however people will still buy it XD