Sunday, January 14, 2007

Polaroid's CGA-02540: Backup all your photos without the need to click

Polaroid's CGA-02540
This is a truly solution for all people in the world that loves to take photos and even care to burn it because of the limited capacity on your hard disk. Now your solution standing in front of you, Polaroid's CGA-02540 a 2.5 inch 40GB backup drive that will automatically locates newly uploaded photos and backup all the latest photos while leaving the orginal untouched without even the need to click your mouse or keyboard. With only a plug into your computer USB, Polaroid's CGA-02540 does all the job.

This product is so simple without even a single button on the device as well, guess you will expect more tech gadgets that comes out without a single button on 2007. Guess 2007 is a year without buttons. Not much information about the price but expect this product around Q4 this year. Now the question will 40GB enough for us? Watch the video of how it works below:

Via: Everything USB