Monday, January 15, 2007

Soundoiler reveals the world first Wireless lamp speaker

Wireless lamp speaker
Soundolier just announced the world first wireless lamp and speaker. This is just getting better, design your house with the latest cool tech gadgets was just perfect. Anything is wireless, from plasma tv to wireless fmc router. This stylish lamp was just superb, features a built-in speaker, a control pad to change the volume or channel, and an optional "maestro" wireless transmitter that pipes in music from your iPod or CD player.

If you gonna purchase this wireless lamp speaker, purchase it in pairs and put it on the right and left side. Also there are some extra features "A foot-controlled power and dimmer offer convenient control of the lamp for room lighting, theater-style dimming or anywhere in between." Soundolier reveals that this wireless lamp speaker will cost US$280 each and except to be available on market around late January.