Monday, January 15, 2007

Reveals Apple TV specifications

Apple TV
Today, Apple announced in their official website about the full specification of Apple TV. Apple TV sports with and elusive "Intel Processor" and a 40Gb hard drive this is what Steve telling us on CES. Now Apple announced the full details of Apple TV.

Features the new 1GHz Pentium-M-based chip, codename "Crofton" which run on 350MhZ bus. Apple TV also equip NVIDIA G72M with 64MB of DDR2 RAM and a quarter gigabyte of 400MHZ DDR2 system RAM for it's logic board. According to our sources, it's stated that Apple can join wireless network in 2 ways. First way is using 802.11n wireless technology and 10/100 terrestrial Ethernet. The sole purpose of the device is to act as a set-top box that will stream audio and video content from up to five iTunes libraries to a enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen TV.

Via: Apple Insider