Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roboboa Are For Real

According to some sources, Roboboa that was display at CES was real. Along with other types of robots Roboquad, Robopanda, Flytech DragonFly all this robots are for real. Roboboa is a robot snake that loves to party and even will company you all night long as your dance partner.

This robot is for real a dancing robot snake with cool lights and moves it's body according to the rhythm of music. Roboboa also acts as a futuristic alarm clock, a funky disco speaker for iPod, a room sentry that can track motion and also a remote control and you can program up to 40 individual movement into it. So this robot will go all night along with the cool DJ music and dance with you. What a cool Dance Robot Gadget we got now.

Watch the dancing snake robot on action:

Link: Roboboa