Thursday, January 11, 2007

Samsung FP-T5894W First Wireless Plasma TV

Samsung  FP-T5894W
At CES 2007 today, Samsung reveals their new Plasma TV and it's wireless. Yes, you don't read it wrong "it's wireless". Samsung sure give the best solution for people that bought plasma TV and has problem with the cables spamming all around the wall and floor. This Wireless baby, Samsung's FP-T5894W is the first generation of wireless plasma tv.

Samsung FP-T5894W has no wires attached, it used a 802.11n connection to transmit wireless signal to a A/V center. Featuring 1080p resolution, 58-inch Plasma Screen, you will be able to connect all your media gadgets to the A/V center. If you buy Samsung FP-T5894W the only cable you need to consider is just the cable power source for the plasma itself. The plasma screen equip with Samsung latest FilterBright2 Plus technology, that heavily reduce glare and improving the picture quality. As you can see in the image above, the A/V center is just a small box that located right below the Plasma Panel which Samsung reveals that it can sit up to 300 feet away from the screen.

Ready for this wireless plasma tv, so save around US$5,799 for this baby. According to Samsung, this wireless plasma TV will be available at the end of 2007. Long way to go but worth the money. So save now and enjoy later.

Link: CNET


David Dunn said...

That's a really nifty looking thing. A wireless plasma really would be a nice thing, the clutter around my TV at the moment is stupid!

Albert said...

Yeah, you should consider this wireless plasma when it's available. It will clear all the cables that you don't need for a TV XD