Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome Windows Vista

On Monday’s Night, Bill Gates officially announced the long waited Operating System that rumors to beat all other operating system even the old Microsoft Windows XP. According to Bill Gates on his interview on The Daily last night, Windows Vista project has been started since 3 years ago. A lot of works and effort are put to build this operating system. From surveying a lot of families from 70 countries in the world to find out what are the exact things that people want from an operating system. According to Bill Gates, Windows Vista has the highest quality ever with the most impregnable security ever created.


Bill Gates also added that Windows Vista Beta has been downloaded for 5 million downloads in order to test for the bug and get feedbacks from all the people from around the world, 60 years performance testing and 1 billion Office sessions. Windows Vista is now being rolled out in over 70 countries, 39000 retail outlets and thousands of OEMS. However, according to some sources that in order to install Windows Vista you need to have your latest Windows XP Genuine operating system running on your computer and according to some user that this make their installing seems too difficult while Bill Gates said that “Windows Vista will make life easy for us”

Via: Gizmodo