Monday, January 29, 2007

Hi-Tech Gadget Sneakers

Now let’s talk about your daily needs for walking, running, jogging or even climbing mountains. It’s sneakers, there are thousand even millions kind of sneakers from Nike to Adidas. However, there is one thing that evens Nike and Adidas lack of and its The Gadget’s Sneakers. Now the question is “Will you even bother to buy this hi-tech gadget sneakers rather than upgrading your Windows to Windows Vista?” This hi-tech sneakers built-in mp3 player, an old 80’s speakers, an ugly play, rewind and forward button and also a gay DVD player on the bottom of your sneakers.

I don’t find any advantage of getting this pair of hi-tech gadget sneakers, all I get is the down side. First, iPod + Nike solve all your music solution when you jogging, or even better the new iPod+Watch. Now imagine when you are running and accidentally kicked a bottle that comes out of nowhere. What will your hi-tech gadget become? Probably, you would need 10 years guarantee for that sneakers. I really don’t recommend buying this sneaker even if some company plans to produce it. As Nike owned every sneaker, no offence for anti-Nike fans just my five cents.

Via: UberGizmo