Monday, January 22, 2007

Your Ultimate Ergo Tech Workstation!!

egro workstation
Yeah, this is truly your ultimate ergo office, support with any type of standing,seating, sleeping or even any unique positions that you find comfortable with. The sole purpose of this ergo workstation is to provide the best workplace for people with special needs, CAD workers, geeks, programmers, full time bloggers, gamers.


1.Work Surface: durable 1.5" thick medium density board with black laminate and rubber-molded edge.

2.Keyboard tray and arm: Spring loaded sleeves adjust in width to accommodate a variety of keyboards. Mechanism has two pivot points, allowing the tray to tilt through 90 degrees and provide a range of positions for use in a reclined mode.

3.Power strip. Has 6 grounded outlets with a 12 foot grounded cord and plug. Strip can be mounted on either side.

4.Motorized legs: raise and lower table to and up to 400 lbs. of equipment from 31 to 50 degrees with the push of a button, for use in sit, stand, or recline position with minimal effort.

5.5" Casters: Heavy-duty, ball bearing casters with elastomeric wheels to provide smooth movement. Front two casters are locking.

6.Keypad: provides push button controls of the motorized legs and monitor tilt platform.

7.Motorized monitor tilt platform: tilts monitors weighing up to 150 lbs. from 0 to 55 degrees for comfortable use in many positions including supine work. Also accommodates LCD monitors.

8. Cord management grommets: two 3" diameter holes with plastic grommets provide power strip access below the tabletop.

9. Powder-Coated Steel Tube: The 2" diameter steel tube frame eliminates a need for cross members beneath the work surface. They provide maximum clearance for recliners, beds and wheelchairs. Durable finish resists scratching.

10. Zero Gravity Recliner also available. Call.

This type of tech gadgets can't be missed although the pricing is a bit expensive around US$3,695, but this is truly an amazing ergo workstation that you find. If you want to buy online, click here.

More picture below:
Sleeping while blogging