Sunday, January 21, 2007

Asus P525: The Winner of iF Product Design 2007 and your Business Solution PDA phone

Today, iF announced their awards to Asus P525 PDA phone as the winner of Product Design Award 2007. Features a super slim body(15.4 mm), this PDA phone combines with GPS navigation syustem as one, jog dial for the friendly interface operation. With a large screen display almost the same as Prada Phone, rumors said that it was probably a touchscreen but who knows. The latest news we grab and yes it was a touchscreen.

Asus announced that they create this product with a concept "Business Anywhere" so that all the professionals won't be confined by their office desk or wireless hotspot. Asus P525 equip with Push E-mail functions, support all Office Applications, Wi-Fi and GPRS built-in. The cool things is that the 2 megapixel camera at the back act as Business card recognition, with just a snap of the camera it will auto convert the information in the card to Outlook's contact list.