Monday, January 29, 2007

Meizu M8? The Complete iPhone mirror Phone.

Woo, why a lot of people keep copying Apple products? Why not Dell? Why not Microsoft? Why not Zune? But iPod, iPhone, or the future iTV? However, we are still not sure whether the picture below was just another photoshop edit by Chinese fans boy or maybe it was the real one. The phone shown below code name Meizu M8, created by Meizu Company in china. Meizu also produce a copy iPod Nano on 12 January. This phone although is still a rumor, however according to a forum posted by a senior on the Meizu site. This phone measures 57x105x11.5-mm and packs both GSM and Chinese TD-SCDMA 3G radio, a 3.3-inch 720x480 pixel display, M8 also features Bluetooth, 2 megapixel camera and ARM11 CPU capable of recording video at 30fps.


When you look at the picture, it’s also features all the features like Apple iPhone. Internet Explorer icon, outlook express, and all those phone features. Looks like Apple law team is on their way to China to shut Meizu down or probably another lawsuit case going to happen soon.